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M/S Al Noor Agro Chemicals started to import their raw material and finished goods instead of purchasing it from the local market. In its early years, they set up their own formulation plant. In relation to its expansion, firm has best human resource and infrastructure to meet customer’s demand. All the raw material is imported from China and then goes straight into formulation. The organization has employed qualified and well trained staff of more than 100 professionals in the field of Sales and marketing. Other departments include Imports and Product registrations, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Internal Control and Audit. As of today, the firm owns two giant businesses, the ginning business and the pesticide business.

Firm has been continuously growing and expanding its business volume year by year in terms of its imports, sales and geographical operations. Firm has expanded its operations not only in South and Upper Punjab but also in whole Sindh as well. Furthermore it is intended to expand business in KPK and Balouchistan as well, which will make it a wholesome National Organization.

Al-Noor Agrochemicals encourages its customers to Farm Better. It’s a motto we believe in and a standard we help farmers to achieve, every day. We invite you to share our success, by trying our quality and sustainability oriented products for the long lasting efficient results.

Chairman Message

Chairman, Al NOOR GROUP

Although Pakistan’s remarkable economic growth in recent years has been fueled by the booming services and industrial sector, Agriculture continues to remain the backbone of the economy from employment and livelihood perspective. We are pursuing the goal of creating a world class chemistries and pesticides. Our strategy is to add value to our products, to create a brand, offer solutions to our farmers, and to do so sustainably. It is to contribute to the community.

With the motive to revolutionize the agriculture of Pakistan, AL Noor Agro Chemicals aims to introduce a wide range of chemistries and mixture in the coming year. On this path, we have introduced many products including fertilizers, micronutrients, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

We strive to introduce the latest technology in the agro chemical market, while imparting the best management techniques to our franchise holders. We respect and appreciate the generosity of our communities and are so committed to their welfare and development through our vibrant corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Vision, Mission & Values

To provide quality products that bring happiness to the farmers and prosperity to the consumers by fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities towards agriculture segment in Pakistan.


M/S Al Noor Agro Chemicals is situated within the boundary wall of M/S Muzammil Cotton Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, comprising of 0.75 hectares and 7 hectares respectively. The industry is located at Noorpur Noranga, 30 kilometers away from Bahawalpur. However, the Packaging Plant and the Marketing Office of the firm is in Small Industrial Estate, Bahawalpur. Apart from these, the firm also has 4 regional offices situated in Lahore, Sahiwal, Faisalabad and Hyderabad.

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